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Create A Carousel Horse That Looks Antique

Create A Carousel Horse That Looks
Antique Antique carousel horses often
sell for thousands of dollars. These
beautiful creations large and small are
wonderful additions to any collection.
Collectors almost will pay any price for
the true hand carved horses once displayed
on the carousels of yesteryear. Through the
miracle of modern technology molds have
been produced of these works of art.
From these molds grand carousel horses have
been recreated. In this article I will show you
where to purchase them and guide you through
the process.

Anyone with reasonable talent with a paint
brush can create an antique reproduction
carousel horse. Unpainted or unfinished
carousel horse molds can be purchased
ready to paint.These molded horses

are made of a high density polyethylene
which is strong and very forgiving to the finisher.
The artist is able to make the choice to purchase
a horse with seams to sand at a reduced price or
choose a ready to paint surface.

Time to create an antique reproduction. Choose
the size you desire. Full size, half size or small
Full size horses at a full 65 inches high are a
very large project. I have seen Elegant Standers
and Royal Standers that really do look like the
horses we all would ride or stand next to.
Half sized unfinished carousel horses are
probably the most popular to artists and
This size fits real well in baby nurseries and
little girls rooms. Most of the horses that I
have seen available come complete with the
brass pole that runs through the horse.

Let's Get to Painting ! There are many ways to
finish a carousel horse. Most people like the
traditional painted horse that recreates the
memory of the Merry Go Round. Some artists
are able to locate pictures of actual horses
where they are mounted on carousels.
Right down to the color of the tail, the picture
can be followed to recreate that special horse.
Some painters like to reproduce the carved
wooden horse effect. Special paints and
techniques are available to mimick a real
wood surface.One of the last steps is choosing
a clear coating to provide a clear shell around
the painted finish. Some artists have chosen
to take this step a bit further and add multiple
coats of gloss creating an almost deep glass
effect. Small pictures and material can be
added under the gloss to get a desired look.

Creating your own carousel horse is a very
rewarding project. Reproductions have sold
for hundreds even thousands of dollars.
I know of at least two small businesses that
have been created finishing and selling these horses.

The best selection of unpainted and finished
carousel horses can be found here at .
You can find most of the items that I write
about at this store. Good luck in your search
for the perfect Carousel Horse

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